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January 31, 2022 00:44:11
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518: Cassandra Aarssen of Clutterbug on Finding Your Organizing Style

Today, I’m here with Cassandra Aarssen, creator of ClutterBug, an organizational philosophy as well as a community dedicated to helping people discover their unique organizing style. This episode is all about organization and ways to make it stick if you’ve tried to get organized in the past and never had any luck. Cassandra has helped … ...



January 27, 2022 00:45:46
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517: Jimmy Rex on Putting a Stop to Sex Trafficking & What to Watch For

This tackles a tough topic, but I think a very, very important one in today’s world—sex trafficking. I am here with Jimmy Rex, who spends his time trying to make a difference in the world, serving as an undercover operative for various organizations that rescue people from sex trafficking. He’s also an active real estate … ...



January 24, 2022 01:04:53
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516: Matt Beaudreau on Why Your Kids Should Quit School + a Better Model of Education

This topic is one that is near and dear to my heart—rethinking education. I’m here with Matt Beaudreau, founder and president of Acton Academy, creator of Apogee Strong Mentorship Program, host of “The Essential 11 Podcast,” and speaker. You might have heard me talk about Unstitute, a curriculum I developed for my own children. Matt … ...



January 20, 2022 00:59:11
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515: Dr. Michael J. Breus on How to Energize by Understanding Chronotypes, Sleep, Fasting, and Movement

This podcast is all about how to improve your energy and energize your life by understanding chronotypes, body types, sleep, fasting, movement, and a lot of other aspects. I’m here with sleep doctor Michael Breus, a double board-certified clinical psychologist and clinical sleep specialist. He’s also one of the few people in the world to … ...



January 17, 2022 01:00:24
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514: Teri Cochrane on How Genes, Viruses, Emotions, and Stress Impact Health

I’m here with the brilliant Teri Cochrane, founder of the Global Sustainable Health Institute and an international thought leader on longevity. She has decades of clinical work, and she developed the Cochrane Method and the Wildatarian Diet, which we talk about today. She helps people with the intersection of gene expression due to pathogenic and environmental causes, energy, and a personal blueprint based on a variety of lifestyle factors. We discuss a lot of interesting topics today, including the role viruses, bacteria, and fungus play in genetic expression, why genes are only a small but important part of health, and how to influence our genes to our advantage. She truly is a wealth of knowledge and a pleasure to talk to. I learned a lot in this interview, and I know that you will as well. Episode Highlights With Teri Cochrane Her fascinating story of moving here from Cuba as a child and how this influenced her mindsetHow she went from institutional finance to health and wellnessWhat the Wildatarian Diet is and how she built it outWhat the Cochrane Method is and how it helps look at the whole picture The role viruses, bacteria, and fungus play in gene expressionWhy genes are only a small part of health, but an important oneWays to influence your genes to your advantage How herpes viruses can be latent in the body and impact healthThe way viruses (including strep) are linked to autoimmunity What biofilms are and what to do about themHow thoughts directly affect our biology Why stress hormones are a  “dirty cupcake” for our healthThe role insulin plays in longevity and aging Why she uses berberine for insulin healthThe supplements she takes every single day ...



January 13, 2022 01:04:15
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513: Tanner Wallace on Childhood Trauma, Attachment Wounds, and How to Heal

This episode is about the tough but very important topic of childhood trauma. I’m here with Dr. Tanner Wallace, a former university professor of health and human development turned full-time trauma recovery guide. She hosts her own podcast called “The Relational Healing Podcast” and helps adult survivors of childhood trauma heal their attachment wounds. We discuss how childhood wounds can express in our lives, even if we don’t have a really specific extreme trauma, and the way these wounds show up in our relationships. We also go into the differences between traumatic events, how what happens after an event is often more important than the event itself, and the reason emotional neglect can be more harmful than physical abuse for children. There will definitely be follow-ups to this episode. But as a starting point, I can’t wait to share today’s episode with you. Let’s join Dr. Tanner. Episode Highlights With Tanner Wallace How childhood wounds can express in our lives, even if we don’t know we have specific traumaThe way childhood wounds show up in adult relationshipsDifferences between traumatic events and if they are traumatizing or notHow what happens after an event is often more important than the event itself Why trauma isn’t just assault and physical abuseThe reason emotional neglect can be more harmful than physical abuseHow trauma and wounding are a continuumThe way our brains and bodies cope with trauma and how our personalities develop protective responses First steps to recognizing and starting to unpattern childhood woundsHow to deactivate default survival codes The somatic connection to working through childhood wounds and how to develop the body awarenessWitness, befriend, validate, and eventually release What attachment wounds are and how to recognize ...

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