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January 10, 2022 00:51:19
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512: Tim Masters on Everything You Need to Know About Mattresses and Health

Today, I’m here with Tim Masters, father of five and owner of My Green Mattress, an organic mattress company. In 2007, Tim and his wife created an organic sleep solution for their infant daughter who was suffering from severe skin sensitivities. They then launched a complete line of natural, non-toxic, and organic certified mattresses for … ...



January 06, 2022 00:58:42
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511: Dr. Amishi Jha on the Crisis of Attention and Cultivating Mindfulness

Today’s episode is all about the crisis of attention, cultivating mindfulness, and developing peak mind practices. I’m here with Dr. Amishi Jha, a professor of psychology at the University of Miami. She also serves as the director of contemplative neuroscience for the Mindfulness Research and Practice Initiative, which she co-founded in 2010. We discuss the … ...



January 03, 2022 00:51:40
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510: Maggie Berghoff on Practical Tips for Reducing Inflammation

This episode is all about practical tips for reducing inflammation and delving into the functional medicine world. I’m here with Maggie Berghoff, an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and mom of three. She owns a cutting-edge health and wellness consulting company that’s rooted in functional medicine, and she’s worked with professional athletes, executives, and celebrities. She recently … ...



December 30, 2021 01:02:46
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509: Dr. Hillary Lampers on Longevity, Aging Gracefully, and Her Hunting Podcast

I’m here today with Dr. Hillary Lampers, a naturopathic doctor who practices in Bozeman, Montana. She has specialized in structural and pro-aging medicine with a focus on hormone and brain health for years. She’s also really fascinating because, even though she doesn’t hunt, she co-hosts a hunting podcast with her husband. She also shares a … ...



December 27, 2021 00:56:17
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508: Simon Hill on Plant-Based Eating, Saturated Fat, and Personalized Nutrition

I’m here today with Simon Hill, founder of the very popular “Plant Proof” podcast and blog of the same name. He is a nutritionist and physiotherapist, and on top of his formal education, he spends hours reading and deciphering scientific studies, breaking them down and isolating variables to explain them clearly. It’s also important to … ...



December 23, 2021 00:59:11
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507: Dr. Greg Eckel on How to Keep Your Brain Healthy As You Age

I’m here with Dr. Greg Eckel talking about cutting-edge brain regenerative technology and how to keep your brain healthy as you age. Dr. Greg has spent the last 20+ years developing and refining his unique approach to chronic neurological conditions. He has been on the front end of some really exciting technology. We discuss things … ...

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