513: Tanner Wallace on Childhood Trauma, Attachment Wounds, and How to Heal

Episode 513 January 13, 2022 01:04:15
513: Tanner Wallace on Childhood Trauma, Attachment Wounds, and How to Heal
The Wellness Mama Podcast
513: Tanner Wallace on Childhood Trauma, Attachment Wounds, and How to Heal

Show Notes

This episode is about the tough but very important topic of childhood trauma. I’m here with Dr. Tanner Wallace, a former university professor of health and human development turned full-time trauma recovery guide. She hosts her own podcast called “The Relational Healing Podcast” and helps adult survivors of childhood trauma heal their attachment wounds.

We discuss how childhood wounds can express in our lives, even if we don’t have a really specific extreme trauma, and the way these wounds show up in our relationships. We also go into the differences between traumatic events, how what happens after an event is often more important than the event itself, and the reason emotional neglect can be more harmful than physical abuse for children.

There will definitely be follow-ups to this episode. But as a starting point, I can’t wait to share today’s episode with you. Let’s join Dr. Tanner.

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